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05.13.2011 · Posted in Stocks

The Federal Reserve should retain a really free monetary policy over the following several months. Commodity and stock markets should as a result still be equipped to find solid support after any further quick dips which in turn will control USD support. The considerable dollar short covering observed over the last 48 hrs is definitely a warning of additional market worries later in 2011, but markets ought to be able to restore some balance next week. Mindful greenback purchasing on retreats remains the best systems strategy provided the fundamental risk/reward profile.

Nevertheless, currencies will probably be quiet early in the program as markets wait for the all-important release of the US Employment report. Expectations call for the world’s top economy to add 185,000 jobs in April – marking the lowest increase in three months – whilst the Joblessness Rate keeps constant at 8.8 percent.

EUR/USD currency trading systems signal: The market had been ready for no change in rates yet they had been wanting some solid language from the ECB locking in another rate hike next month and this had been completely turned down. EUR and EUR crosses dropped extremely hard and an almost four hundred point fall ensued. Support identified at the previous highs of 1.4500/20 and traders are initially bullish as long as this level holds.

GBP/USD smart fx system signals: Although GBP/USD had been sold last night, ambitious EUR/GBP selling on the ECB comments helped cushion the fall and GBP primarily fell one hundred pips. It needs to be mentioned that on the longer term time-frame, 1.6300-1.6400 was a very powerful level on resistance and at present may well provide support, though short term selling pressure remains to be for the time being.

USD/JPY top forex trading system signals: USD/JPY persisted to wander lower as the downtrend marches on. Worse than expected US employment figures along with ambitious EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY selling aided USD/JPY to the lows. With NFP, a worse than predicted figure could possibly see continued downward stress and traders are pleased to keep on selling unless we break back up through 81.00.

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