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Easy Guide To Creating The Kaleidoscope Effect On Your Photos

08.07.2016 · Posted in Wealth Building

There is something fascinating and natural about the kaleidoscope feel on an image. The effect allows you to combine collage and photography to improve on the appearance of an image. The kaleidoscope effect transforms existing images into intriguing abstract forms with amazing patterns. Some people appear to perfect the art and produce an almost natural collage. Here is a step by step procedure of how they do it on Photoshop.

There is a natural hexagonal feel in nature. It is therefore used in creating the patterns. Open a blank A4 page on Photoshop and select a hexagonal shape. It acts as the basic template though you can use images with more sides. You need to find the center of your hexagon. The center helps you to develop proportionate patterns.

Use lines to derive a triangle originating from the center of your hexagon to one corner. The original vertical and horizontal lines used to mark the center will provide one boundary for your triangle. The size of your triangle is used to project the final size of image under production. It is obvious that the two triangles will be of different sizes.

It is time to import your base image to a new Photoshop page. The imported image should be of the highest quality possible. This ensures that the final image is also of a high quality. Before commencing on development of your patterns, removal all undesired elements or marks on your image. You should also consider adjustments like decreasing white and increasing black to make it clearer.

Pick the triangle developed at the hexagon section and drag it over the image. The triangle helps you to develop the collage over your image. You are at liberty to change the size of your triangle. Move it around as you make a decision on section you wish to apply the collage.

On a new page or platform, develop your pattern or patterns for use in making the collage. There are excellent paint brushes, sprays, ink and other tools for creating graphics. This is where you exercise creativity. On a different layer, apply the patterns on your image. To make the patterns more pronounced, increase black and decrease white. This action makes the images clearer.

With tidy marks in place, paste them on corners of your triangle. They should be placed in duplicate version. The background of these patterns should have been deleted. Add as many patterns as you wish ensuring that the image takes the shape you desire. To achieve a better effect with the shapes, the opacity of the shapes should be increased to 100 percent.

Making sure that the triangular guide is at the top, trace your triangle and pick it out. Duplicate the triangles by slotting them back to the hexagon. One edge of each triangle or pattern should appear as though it is reflecting the other. Once this has been achieved, duplicate the hexagon in a similar manner ensuring that adjacent ends appear as reflections. Crop the final image to size and desired shape.

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