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Mortgages – An Introduction

01.29.2012 · Posted in Wealth Building

You may not need to wait for a decade or so for your dreams to come true if you have just started working and saving but you desire to have your own house and own car. However, that can only happen if your mortgage application gets approved.

Mortgage, especially today, has been viewed by many as a form of lifesaver. Coming up with payments for monthly bills is getting harder and harder so you should figure out how else can ordinary consumers afford to have their dreams come true. With the help of mortgage companies, however, they may just have that dream house and car before the year’s end.

The Important Facts You Should Know about Mortgages

You’ve found the right page to learn more about mortgages if ever you’re new to the mortgage scene and absolutely do not have a clue about where and how to start. What we will be introducing to you here is the topic of mortgages and we will also give you information about everything you have to know, from the types, to tips on choosing a reliable mortgage provider to suggestions on what you should do in order to qualify for a loan or mortgage.

Types of Mortgages

Opening an accounting or finance textbook or browse the internet is all you have to do and right away you’ll get to know about the different types of mortgages. But more often than not, the descriptions provided are somewhat too confusing or too technical for lay people to understand. We know that, so with each type of mortgage we’ll be explaining, we make sure that we do so simply and clearly.

What is Base Rate Mortgage?

A good place to start is the base rate mortgage since it is also a fairly easy one. Roots that are founded on the rates provided by the Bank of England are what this type of mortgage has. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find a mortgage provider in the United States that offers this type of mortgage but when you do, you’re at least familiar with how it works. Simply ask a solicitor for anything else that you have to know and this is also the British way of calling the lawyers.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

The mortgage that you are applying for has an interest rate and this will remain constant or fixed.

What is Variable Rate Mortgage?

The interest rate for the mortgage you’re trying to qualify for varies and is dependent on the wishes of the mortgage provider.

What is the the Right Mortgage Company?

Simply put, don’t just trust any mortgage company and don’t sign anything without reading the contract thoroughly.

How can You Pass Mortgage Qualification Interviews?

Before passing your mortgage application form, you should never lie about your finances and check your credit ratings first.

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